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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Shawn and Gus Are Psyched Again!

I'm Shawn Spencer, renowned psychic sleuth,
male pin-up model and boy toy to the stars.

This is my distinguished colleague,
Algonquin J. Kingfish, mustache wax
taste tester and part time crash dummy.

Cut the crap, Shawn!
You're making stuff up again, same as you did the other times we guest hosted here on Shady Dell M&M.

Don't get mad, Gus. Get glad. Just be thankful that Shady invited us back. Come to think of it, we still didn't get paid for those other gigs.

We're here today to announce
yet another special event
coming up on S-D-M-M.

It's another exciting edition
of Shady's exclusive rave series.

Don't be a spoiler, Gus. Utter not
one more word because I will now use
my amazing psychic abilities to
discern who or whom is hosting
this weeks' dance-a-thon.

Stand by! I'm picking up the
good vibrations. Brian Wilson!
No, hold on. A strange force is
sweeping over me. The spirits
are near. I'm getting a vision.
I see a red door and I want it
painted black. NO! I see a black
door and I want it pained red.
I've got it! This week's rave
will be hosted by the artist
formerly known as Mick Jagger!

First of all Mick Jagger
is still known as Mick
Jagger. Second, you're
wrong. Mick Jagger
is not the host of
this week's rave.

It's defense lawyer Annalise Keating.

Annalise and her minions are coming
to SDMM and hosting a R&B party
you'll remember forever.

That's right! That's what I
just said: Murder She Wrote!

Wrong again, Shawn. Annalise
Keating's TV series is called
How To 
Get Away With Murder.
Watch this fun parody
of the show:

Hold on, Gus.
I'm having another vision!

I see Annalise's rave coming
on a special day and time...



That gives readers a choice.
They can either stay up really
really really late the night before
 to attend the rave, or get up really
really really early in the morning.
How convenient!





Now you got it right, Shawn, but
it remains an unsolved mystery why
Shady keeps inviting us back here.

And so this is Shawn Spencer
 on behalf of my partner,
I.M. Squiffed, bidding
you farewell for now.
I leave you with the
words of wisdom spoken
by the winner of this year's
Santa Barbara sausage eating contest.
"A rind is a terrible thing to waste."

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ep. 22: Mr. Monk Meets Marv & Rindy!





...guitar player Marv Ross and his wife Rindy Ross,
founders and only current members of the original
lineup of the 80s Pacific NW band Quarterflash...


I know what happened.

Somewhere along the line, I'm thinking the 1990s, style replaced substance, singers turned into zingers, and we lost something. We lost a lot. I think women of the 80s were much prettier than today's women, and female singers of the 80s were more talented. As proof, Shady and I bring you one of our favorite 80s ladies, Rindy Ross, the lead singer and sax player of the Portland, Oregon, rock band Quarterflash. Here's Shady with more.

Quarterflash was born in 1980
when two popular Oregon bands,
Seafood Mama and Pilot, merged.

Recording as Seafood Mama, the band
released the single "Harden My Heart"
and Portland radio stations played
the record in heavy rotation.

The following year the band rerecorded the
song and changed its name to Quarterflash.
The idea for the name came from a book
with an Australian slang description of
new immigrants as "a quarter flash,
three quarters foolish."

A rock band fronted by a beautiful female
sax player (Rindy Ross) was a novelty and
helped get Quarterflash noticed. The band's
popularity grew and, in the fall of 1981, they
released their self-titled debut album. The
revised version of "Harden My Heart" was
released as a single from the album and
it became the biggest hit of the band's
career - a million seller that reached
#3 on the pop chart and #1 on the
Hot Mainstream Rock survey.

"Harden My Heart" - Quarterflash
(Jan. 1982, highest chart position
#3 Hot 100/#1 Hot Mainstream Rock,
from Oct. 1981 album Quarterflash)

So... what makes a great artist?

One way to separate the real deal from
the posers is to remove the artist from
the controlled studio environment and
find out how well they do live on stage
without the safety net of do-overs and
the luxury of being able to lip sync
 the songs. As you will see and hear
in this clip from a 1982 concert in
Tulsa, Rindy Ross and her cohorts
passed that test with flying colors.
To the delight of the frenzied
crowd... they killed it!

"Find Another Fool," the second single
released from the band's debut album
Quarterflash, cracked the top 20.

"Find Another Fool" - Quarterflash
(Feb./Mar. 1982, highest chart pos.
#16 Hot 100/#12 Hot Mainstream Rock,
from Oct. 1981 album Quarterflash)

In the summer of '83 "Take Me To Heart,"
released from the second Quarterflash
album Take Another Picture, became
their second highest charting single.

"Take Me To Heart" - Quarterflash
(July/Aug. 1983, highest chart pos.
#14 Hot 100/#6 Hot Mainstream Rock,
from 1983 album Take Another Picture)

Now here's Rindy and company performing
that same song on American Bandstand.

"Take Me To Heart" - Quarterflash
(1984 perf. on American Bandstand)

In 1985 Quarterflash returned to Bandstand
promoting their latest single "Talk To Me."

"Talk To Me" - Quarterflash
(Nov. 1985, highest chart pos.
#83 Hot 100, from 1985
album Back Into Blue)

Quarterflash disbanded in 1985 but reunited
in 1990 and, in the years since, have released
three more albums. In the 2010s the band,
with new members joining Marv and
Rindy in the lineup, were still
playing live gigs.

Earlier, I offered proof that Rindy Ross
and Quarterflash were the real deal.

You saw and heard evidence of it in their
live performances of the 80s. An even
tougher test is the test of time. As their
members age, some bands overstay
their welcome and turn into tired,
maudlin, Vegas-style lounge acts.

Not so with Quarterflash! Let's FF 30 years
and experience the sheer joy of a recent
Quarterflash performance. As you will
see and hear, Rindy's still got it. Her
wailin' sax never sounded better and
her vocals still have that same fire,
that same feeling and passion that
made her great all those years ago
when she and the band were just
starting out.  Watch and listen
as the lady nails her signature
song on a live TV program!

"Harden My Heart" - Quarterflash
(2011 perf. on live TV show)

Quarterflash songs can be found on
the soundtracks of two hit movies, 
Ron Howard's Night Shift and
Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Mr. Monk... back to you.

I was just thinking, Shady. Why can't today's young female singers be more like Rindy Ross?

Modern pop idols need to clean up their act!

There's too much of that newfangled...
what do the kids call it?...hippety-hopping,
too many wardrobe malfunctions, too much
twerking and wrecking ball riding going on...
and don't get me started on that disgusting
donut licking incident! I just can't take it
anymore! Natalie... where are my pills?

C'mon, Mr. Monk. let's get you home.

It's time to put you down for your nap.
You'll be happy to know that I washed
and ironed your favorite blankie.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, John!

John Ettline was born

111 years ago today on

the 12th of March, 1906.
John loved music and dancing. At one time
he worked as a music agent scheduling bands
for local clubs. John also managed various
York clubs including the historic Valencia
Ballroom, America's first air conditioned
dance hall.  This year as we mark John's
birthday I selected a rare 1958 doo-wop
performance that I think John would
have enjoyed. I hope you like it, too.

"I Wonder Why" - Dion & the Belmonts
(July 1958, highest chart pos. #22)



Sunday, March 5, 2017

Snow Wonder We Loved John Ettline - New Dell Mystery Pic Frozen In Time!



I am proud to unveil, for the first time on SDMM,
another rare historic picture of the Shady Dell.
Former Dell owner Toni Deroche acquired
the pic and was kind enough to share it
with us. It is an aerial view of the Dell
taken sometime during the cold
months of 1960.

The framed enlargement was discovered
hanging on the wall of DriveRight Autos on
S. George St., York, only a stone’s throw
from the Dell. The owner of DriveRight
told Toni that his dad was a Dell rat.

On the left side of the photo (repeated below)
you can see the Dell’s tall barn, garage and
dance hall. All three structures are gone now,
razed in 2012 when the Dell was sold by Toni
and her family and the new owner declared
them to be structurally unsound, unsafe
and unsuitable for restoration.

Looking at the image again, you can see
that there was deep snow on the ground.
No one knows the exact date the picture
was taken, but I did some detective work.
I combed through the weather records for
Central Pennsylvania and discovered that
there were three major snowfalls in 1960.
Most likely the picture was snapped on
or just after one of the following dates:

Feb. 15, 1960 - 6 inches

March 3-4, 1960 - 12 inches

Dec. 11-12, 1960 - 11.5 inches

As I tried to figure out when the picture
was taken, I also wondered why there
was deep snow visible on the ground
and in the parking lot but no snow
at all on the rooftops.

I thought it over and reasoned that the daily high
temperature in early December or early March
would likely be higher than in mid February.
That, combined with the rays of the sun,
would be sufficient to melt the snow
on the roofs faster than layers of
packed snow in the parking lot.

I contacted my friend Kathleen Mae Schneider,
whose family built and first lived at the Dell.
I showed her the picture and asked if she and
her husband Bob could add anything to help
explain the phenomenon. Kathleen wrote:

I showed the picture to Bob, who hails from Williamsport - a snowy place if ever there was one. He and I suppose the reason the rooftops aren't snow-covered was that they are darker in color, which retains heat from the sun more than the ground, thus melting any snow on them, sometimes while it's still falling. Buildings also generate heat if there are occupants and furnaces, and heat rises. The barn might have housed horses as well and John might have kept a minimum amount of heat going to prevent pipes from freezing in the barn and dance hall complex. I remember seeing a type of space heater hanging from the ceiling right inside the door of the dance hall. It was about the size of an amplifier and had louvers. The ground that is all white might also represent snowdrifts which would be thicker and require more time to melt - think the huge mountains of snow we often have in mall parking lots that
hang around for months.

In our attempt to pinpoint the exact date
the picture was taken, Kathleen, Bob
and I arrived at same conclusion.

* We ruled out the February storm because
   the temperature would have been too cold
   to allow rapid snow melt on the rooftops
   and because, in the picture, it looks like
   there is a lot more than 6 inches of snow
   on the ground. It looks more like a foot.

* We also ruled out the December 11-12 storm
   because they were two of the shortest days
   of the year and the sun would not have had
   as many hours in the sky to melt the snow.

* By a process of elimination we reasoned that
   the picture was most likely taken after the
   March 3-4, 1960, snowstorm, possibly on
   today's date, March 5, the first full day of
   "digging out" when the weather would have
    been more favorable for a helicopter to fly
    over and a photographer to take the picture.

Kathleen wrote:

I remember that storm. We were off school for a week because of crippled transportation and I was ecstatic because I could catch up on homework. I was a 9th-grader at Central and believe I also was mired down in research for a dastardly term paper, showing signs for what would always be my characteristic slow writing technique that I believe you know all about.😉 Oh, what I could have done with the internet back then!

Now take a closer look in this
cropped portion of the picture.

It's hard to tell, but it appears to show someone
shoveling snow in the parking lot and uncovering
a vehicle, possibly one that was abandoned by
a Dell rat at the height of the storm. If that
is indeed what we are seeing in the picture,
then there's a 99.99% chance that someone
was John Ettline. Most of my memories
of John are linked to colder weather:

* In the wintertime, John always made sure
   the barn was warm enough by keeping
   huge logs burning in the fireplace.

* If you had car problems when it was time
   to leave, John was the go-to guy for help.

* Windshield needed scraping?

* Car buried in the snow?

* Your heap wouldn't start, Bunky?

* Locked your keys inside your car, genius?

   Mr. Ettline was Johnny-on-the-spot!

* Problems at home? John was always

   willing to dispense wisdom.

Thank you very much, Toni Deroche,
for sharing this awesome new/old Dell
photo with us, and thank you Kathleen
and Bob, for putting on your thinking
caps and helping me solve another
mystery of the Dell... this one
frozen in time.

Have a Shady day!